Pristine Harvest

Drip Alarm

The days and nights of keeping vigil on the drip bottle are over. Just fix the Drip-Alarm sensor at the lower part of the drip bottle and relax. Drip-Alarm will start beeping as soon as the liquid falls below the sensing level.

Besides sounding the alert, Drip-Alarm turns on a built-in switch that can be used to operate external alarms or trigger a patient’s call on Nightingale type of nurse call systems to remotely alert nursing staff.


  • Non-Invasive.
  • Sensor can be re-used thousands of times.
  • Sensor can be held in place by a simple rubber band.
  • Works on plastic or glass bottles
  • Easy to use. No controls except On-off switch
  • Reassurance light on sensor
  • Fool-proof. Alarm sounds if sensor falls off the bottle
  • Port for communication to external gadget
  • Uses easily available D type torchlight batteries
  • Low power consumption ensures long battery life
  • Battery level indication by colour changing LED
  • Low battery warning by buzzer
  • Rugged and elegant ABS plastics body.
  • Molded ring for hanging next to drip bottle.
  • Compatible with Nightingale nurse call systems.