Pristine Harvest

Annunciator Exchange

Model AM-10

The AM-WA is a rugged, reliable and modern annunciator exchange for magneto telephones, It replaces the TCA 3352 type of Multiway Telephone Annunciator of 28 years vintage.

As a radial hub. the AM-10A can form a practical and economic network in critical areas. It's capability to link long distances through heavy interference makes it ideal for communication with LC Gates and similar railway locations.

Models AM-5A, AM-10A and AM-15A can handle 5, 10 and 7" 15 slave telephones respectively.

Made by the same unit that has produced over 65,000 magneto telephones for railways in India and abroad, the AM-10A incorporates many new and useful features such as:

  • Indication of faults on lines connecting slave telephones.
  • Aesthetic and ergonomic molded cabinet.
  • Snug fitting handset cradle and hook switch.
  • Siemens type handset with dynamic transducers.
  • Heavy duty cords with funnel grommets.
  • Hand generator replaced by push-button calling system.
  • Toggle switches replaced by micro-switches.
  • One-touch operation for selecting and calling slave.
  • Sealed relays for all switching activities.
  • Dual-colour LEDs to indicate Call and line selection.
  • Missed call indication.
  • Automtic call termination when handset is replaced.
  • Solid-state circuitry with modular connectors.
  • Electronic ringing system with piezo-ceramic tone callers.
  • Complete secrecy for all channels.
  • Operator can conference with up to three slave telephones.
  • Works on 230 / 110 VAC mains or 12 to 15 V DC.
  • Built-in charger for connecting an external back-up battery.